Use the Right Trout Fishing Lure

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Use the Right Trout Fishing Lure

A quick walk through the sporting goods store will yield a vast assortment of fishing supplies. With so much available, how does one know which trout fishing lure to pick? That depends on what sort of fishing you intend to do.

You might want to consider the crawdad imitation. This can be an effective trout fishing lure. They come in a variety of sizes. The smaller baits are easier to cast. These will often get gobbled up by pan fish. Sometime they might even catch bass. The larger artificial baits will catch bigger fish.

Another favorite trout fishing lure is the spoon. Spoons are easy to use and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Different fish will prefer different patterns. Brown trout have a hankering for the solid gold spoon. Sometimes they will go after bright spoons if they are predominately gold. Rainbow trout, on the other hand, prefer the solid silver lure. They will also scarf down silver spoons with red stripes.

Brook trout prefer the plain copper spoons. Especially those with a hint of blue or a touch of green. Of course, even if you have the perfect trout fishing lure for species of fish you are trying to catch, you might not find a thing. This is because the lure is only part of the equation. The presentation is equally important. You must learn to jig and strip the trout fishing lure in a way that attracts fish.

Other Trout Fishing Lure Options

Most anglers are of the opinion that absolute silence will improve the outcome of any fishing expedition. However, there are some lures out there that make noise. The reasoning is that sound from under the water doesn’t affect fish like the sound from out of the water. The noise emitting trout fishing lure is said to get the attention of otherwise uninterested fish.

A proper trout fishing lure for many fishermen comes in the form of the artificial fly. Artificial flies are a blast to catch. They can be quite challenging because timing and presentation are critical. The key is to get your artificial fly to move just as the insect it is crafted after would move.

Moving your trout fishing lure slowly through the water is an excellent way to begin. If this doesn’t catch any fish, then you can mix it up a little. Try changing the length of your strips or the speed you bring in your trout fishing lure. Eventually, you will discover the trouts weakness.

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