Salt Water Fishing Lures – Great Options For Salt Fishers

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Salt Water Fishing Lures – Great Options For Salt Fishers

Salt water fishing lures are available in as many choices as there are for fresh water angling and maybe even more. What should be considered is that if you are fishing in saltwater, the catch will be of a wider and weightier variety and the equipment you need will also be larger as compared to the freshwater fishing gear. Marlins, sailfish and trophy fish are much bigger and will need bigger lures.

1. Salt water fishing lures
You will need lures that will make compatible with the different species of fish and even amongst the same species you would need different lures. Distinctive fishing lures for saltwater could be utilised for various species of fish. Even within the same species, you would need different lures for varying conditions like deep water, shallow water and according to the many seasons, the feeding would have to be changed. You would also have to modify the lure you are using according to the time of day and visibility factors.

2. The uses and variety of jigs
Like the lures, you get a variety of jigs in different shapes and sizes and colours for saltwater fishing. Salt water dances are for fishing close to the bottom and for this reason they have to be heavier to that they can withstand the extreme tides and currents.

3. The types and uses of plugs
Lures that also work as plugs for salt water fishing are one of the chief items in the box of fishing equipment. These plugs are usually black or any other dark colour so that they resemble the bait very closely. These caps are made to look like a smaller bait fish that is injured and dragged from side to side in such an efficient way, like an injured bait fish that the larger fish are attracted to it and strike this plug forcefully.

4. Tins used to bait salt water fish
Tins are distinctive to lures that are used for salt water fishing and are a very reflective lure in the tin. These once again are made to look like a bait fish that is moving swiftly through the water in a very similar way to a hooked fish, with the same sheen and reflection being caught in the water. There are some white feathers attached to the tail end so that it gives the movement of the tail a more authentic look and also adds more movement in the water around that area.

5. Lures that are made of plastic
Lures made of plastic could be in almost any colour and could have two or three hooks. These could be made in one bit or could have many joints which would depend on the lure?S length and the kind of purpose it is going to be used for. Very realistic to look at, the lures that are made of plastic resemble baitfish and squid that are to be found in coastal regions, very closely. These plastic lures are used mostly for angling in inlets on the coast, along side the bays and when the baitfish are moving from deep to shallow waters or the other way around.

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