Rainbow Trout Fishing

Staff August 1, 2017 0
Rainbow Trout Fishing

Anyone who fishes for rainbow trout wants to know a couple of things. They want to know not only how to catch more of these beautiful fish, but they also want to know how to find more of them as well. Rainbow trout fishing certainly couldn’t be compared to quantum analytics, but the fact is that it can sometimes be difficult to catch many rainbow trout over the fifteen-inch mark and to catch them consistently can be a challenge as well.

I know all about these difficulties because I have spent many hours over the course of the past twenty years dealing with them myself and have learned a few techniques that have enabled me not only to catch rainbows consistently but have also have helped my catch much bigger rainbow trout than I used to as well.

The obvious question with all of this is, “Are these techniques automatically going to help me experience more success when fishing for rainbow trout?”, And the answer is that they more than likely will. But truth be told just using these techniques isn’t the entire answer to the problem. Becoming proficient at using these techniques on the water is the key to success.

The first technique is known as drift fishing, and it is a technique that I have been engaged in when fishing for rainbow trout in small rivers and streams for more than twenty years. The method involves allowing your bait (whether you are using live bait or a trout fishing lure) to drift naturally with the current of the river that you are fishing in an attempt to entice hungry rainbow trout.

Next, we have the fly and bubble technique. If you spend any time whatsoever fishing for rainbow trout, you undoubtedly know how efficient insects are as bait for these beautiful fish. Well, the fly and bubble technique is the best way for a known fly fisherman (like myself) to fish for rainbow trout while using artificial flies as bait.

The key to both of these techniques is learning all of the nuances that each method provides, which means that you must put them into action on the water. The more that the methods are used, the more proficient you will become, and the more rainbows you will catch. Before you know it, you will not only be catching more rainbows, but you will be catching bigger rainbow trout as well.

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