How to Become a Trout Fishing Pro

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How to Become a Trout Fishing Pro

Trout fishing is among the most popular fishing in North America, in fact, to be precise it is the fourth most popular. If you love fishing trout fishing is highly likely to be on your bucket list. Over the years there have been some impressive fishing achievements a good example if the Llyod Bull who caught a 32 kg lake trout in 1995 at Great Bear Lake in Canada. Another impressive accomplishment occurred in 2009 when Sean Konrad caught a 27kg rainbow trout. These two men among others over the years have entered the anglers hall of fame which you too can just is you get the proper guidance to good angling. To help you on your way to becoming an expert trout angler I am going to highlight some important tips that any angler needs to be fully conversant in trout fishing.

Trout Fishing Tips

1. be conversant with the current
Proper research and understanding about how the current has shaped the river will help you identify spots with pools which are ideal spots for catching trout. If you are looking to catch large trout you should consider fishing in the areas of the river with large pools. In such places, you are also likely to catch many small sized trout.

2. Where to find Trout
Trout is a darling of cold and flowing water and that is why they are often found in rivers and creeks making these two places the ideal areas to get trout. Most tributaries pouring their water to the West coast of America are the ideal areas to fish trout. There is however also a species of trout fish known as the Lake trout that lives in lakes and often grows to enormous sizes unlike the other species of trout. A good example of a place to catch these enormous sized trout fish is the Great Bear Lake in Canada.

3. Choose your bait accurately
When choosing the correct bait for you trout fishing activities, it is important to consider what size of trout you want to catch. Trout over a foot long do not consider insects and flies as a part of their diet and hence using such baits may only get you the smaller sizes of trout fish.

4. Best Lure for Trout fish

(a) Grasshoppers, cricket, beetles among many other large bugs often fall and drown in rivers. Trout therefore often consider such bugs as an easy snack and are therefore very good lure for the trout.
(b) Tubes look a lot like zooplanktons among other food that are often taken by trout hence is also a very tempting lure for the fish.
(c) Paddle tail swim bait – trout, especially the larger ones, love feasting on small fish and that is why this type of bait is very effective
(d) Salmon eggs trout are huge scavengers and salmon eggs are among their delicacies, attach a few of these eggs onto a 6 hook for best results.
(d) Other baits to consider include: worm imitators, cranks, spinners, and spoons are other very effective baits that can be utilized in trout fishing.

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