Delving into the Best Trout Bait

Staff December 30, 2017 0
Delving into the Best Trout Bait

The key to a great catch is understanding all about the life of the fish, from their feeding time, mode of feeding and most importantly, what their preference is. Your bait choice should imitate their preferred food.

The secret to coming up with an effective trout bait is ensuring that the bait is one that exists in the trout’s natural habitat. For instance, minnows will work out magic when fishing in a river but would be an epic flop in a pond. Why so? One would ask. Well, trout in the pond might never have encountered minnows and so you have to use what they are usually fed with.

Trout being born predators, the ideal trout baits in their natural habitat would definitely be flies or bugs. They also feed on worms such as night crawlers which would also make great trout baits.

Interestingly, trout are fierce and will usually chase anything that initiates their hunting instinct. This makes fishing for trout relatively easy and exciting.

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