Best Trout Fishing Bait

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Best Trout Fishing Bait

Bait fishing for trout can be effective, using worms, eggs, artificial paste baits, or combinations. Worms are probably the best all-around trout bait and work especially well in spring and fall, particularly after rainfall.


Using the wrong bait on a fishing venture could mean a frustrating and dull experience on the water. Because of this, be sure to have the best bait on hand when trout fishing is of utmost importance. But there are so many options when it comes to bait that it is difficult to be confident on where to begin. Which should you choose? Synthetic or live bait?


Before synthetic baits were available, anglers had fewer options and resorted to some common and some less common bait. Small pieces of cheese or even kernels of corn have been known to catch the attention of many trout. These baits are still used by many anglers today as they are a great, inexpensive form of bait.

However, we now have so many options available to us that bait can be purchased in the form of live worms, insect larva and smaller fish as well. Nightcrawlers are extremely popular for trout bait because they are great for casting and are easy to find either outdoors or in bait shops. Hellgrammites and water worms are popular kinds of live insect larva. However, if it is larger trout that you are after, you will have the best results with the larger baits like crayfish, minnows or a piece of sucker meat.


Synthetic baits are also effective as the fishing lures industry has had some incredible advances in the last few years when it comes to manufactured lures and baits. Synthetics are available in a plethora of colours, sizes, styles, patterns and brands to choose from. Some popular synthetic baits used for trout fishing are spinners, nymphs and flies. From here, there are many different kinds to choose from as well like spoon spinners, dry and wet flies or caddis nymphs. Each one is used for a various purpose and is crafted in a particular way to attract specific kinds or sizes of trout.


While this may seem like a lot of information, it only scratches the surface of what is truly available to anglers when it comes to fishing lures and baits. Many fishermen experiment with as many different kinds of bait as they can until they land on what it is that seems to work for them. Since no guaranteed bait will work every time, it is usually a good idea to bring with you a few different kinds to choose from and vary it according to the size, type, and eating habits of the trout in your fishing location.

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