Pike Fishing Tackle Advice

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Pike Fishing Tackle Advice

Pike fishing depicts a supreme difficulty for anglers of all facilities, from the beginner to the experienced fisherman. You require to be well prepared- a good selection of pike fishing tackle is an absolute must because these fish are capable of growing up to 25 kilograms. Make sure that your pike fishing tackle is up to the job.


Whereas most fish typically run down their prey in the open water, relying on their size and speed to gain an advantage, the northern pike lies in wait for an ambush, usually in heavy covers like weeds or deadwood.


Pike are voracious fighters when hooked and can easily break your line, your rod, and possibly even your reel. Here are items to consider for when you are shopping for pike fishing tackle.




You’ll want a rod that’s at least 6 feet long with a medium-heavy or heavy action. This will give you the leverage to get a pike out of the water without bending your rod to the breaking point. A flexible tip is also recommended if you plan on doing any jigging.



Likewise, you’ll want a reel that’s capable of pulling one of these monsters in. Make sure the flange which connects the reel to the rod is made of metal, and not plastic or resin, as this piece can break under strain. A bait-casting reel is preferable to a spinning reel.




Whether fishing from boat or shore, you’re going to be fishing in heavy cover. Underwater vegetation and deadwood is Pike’s favourite place to hide, and you’re going to need a line capable of pulling it out of that hiding place without suffering too much damage. A super braid line works well; these lines are tough with a minimal amount of stretch. It is also recommended that you utilize a 25-30cm steel leader. This will not only help with fishing in deep cover but will ensure that the pike does not bite through the line itself with it’s teeth.




Pike is big fish, so you’ll need a large net to help land them. You will want to invest in a good pair of fishing gloves as well, some that will provide you with a good amount of grip while keeping your hands warm even while wet. Hook removers are also recommended, as pike have teeth and can bite fairly hard.


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